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“The sectors of a city are decipherable, but the personal meaning they have for us is incommunicable, as is the secrecy of private life in general, regarding which we possess nothing but pitiful documents”.
Debord in his film A Critique of Separation (1961)

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68 AudioGuide resurrects the spirit of Paris in May 68 in Cheltenham with a walk through the town following a map transposed from the Paris arondissements, and an audio guide with original slogans from 68.

The mapping and routing has been done with the aid of Yahoo Maps (http://maps.yahoo.com).

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Cheltenham Paris 68
The tour covers the following places of Paris: the Quartier Latin (A), the Place de l’Odeon (B), the Etoile (C), the Élysée Palace (D), the Place de la Concorde (E) and the Sorbonne University (F).
3. May – Police clear the courtyard at the Sorbonne. Violence in the Quartier Latin results in more than 100 injured and 596 arrested.
4. May – Courses at the Sorbonne are suspended. The UNEF and the Snesup call for unlimited strikes.
6. May – Battles in the Quartier Latin: 422 arrests; 345 police and about 600 students are hurt.
7. May – At the tomb of the unknown soldier at Etoile: 30,000 students sing the ‘Marseillaise’.
10. May – Night of riot in the Quartier Latin: police assault 60 barricades. 367 are hospitalized of which 251 are police; 720 others hurt and 468 arrested. Cars burned were 60 and 188 others were damaged. The Minister of Education says of the protestors, “Ni doctrine, ni foi, ni loi.”
13. May – The Sorbonne is occupied by students.
15. May – The theatre de l’Odeon is occupied by 2,500 students.
19. May – At the Élysée palace, President de Gaulle says, “La réforme, oui; la chienlit, non”
30. May – Tens of thousands of government supporters march from Concorde to the Etoile.
Paris 68

The tour through Cehltenham pretends to be a tour through Paris.
Yahoo says that the tour is about 12.9 km long. By feet it takes at least 2 hours.

The audio source is a text to speech converted list of some slogans of May 68, like
Be realistic, demand the impossible.
They buy your happiness. Steal it.

Beneath the paving stones – the beach!

Read less, live more.

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